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ONE (1) PICKLE PLUSH. More than one kid? No problem. Get this Pickle Plush add-on and keep everyone happy (and Pickle in one piece). Free ebook with every Pickle order.
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Everything is in production and due to arrive in time for Christmas! Pre-order today to ensure you get one this year. SUPPLIES ARE VERY LIMITED! All orders fulfilled in order received.

The Vision

I want to revive a little-known Christmas tradition and bring joy back into Christmas. I want to get the book and ornament in the hands of as many families as possible - so much that I plan to donate one set for each one ordered. It works for families of any size, it doesn't require a lot of extra effort, and it truly is something you can do for years to come.

I believe every family needs a Christmas tradition. I believe that tradition should not add any more stress to already overwhelmed parents. I believe every child deserves to be read to - especially on Christmas eve. And I believe that simple toys and games that allow you to use your imagination are much better than all the electronics and whirlygigs combined.

The Tradition

Read the story on Christmas eve and prepare your kid(s) to find the pickle on the tree in the morning. Whoever finds the pickle first is rewarded with good luck in the new year. However, you can spin this a lot of different ways. For example:
  • The finder gets to open the first present
  • The finder can get an extra small gift/treat
  • The finder can choose who gets to open the first gift
  • The finder can decide (anything you can think of)

If you are afraid of kids tearing each other apart because they were not the winner? Well, this is good because it teaches you can't always win. But, to avoid a complete meltdown, let the finder hide the pickle again for the other child(ren) and repeat. Maybe it's just a game of everyone finds the pickle - no gifts, decisions, or first to do anything necessary.

If you only have one kid at home? No problem! The little girl in the story is an only child. Just hide the pickle and let them find it. You can add a special gift, or not. Just finding the pickle is enough fun. You could also add a timer, or you can have your child hide it for you after they find it. The options are wide open - this is YOUR family tradition.

The What

Christmas Pickle Book
A rhyming book about Pickle who doesn't know he's a Christmas ornament. He is lonely and sad, always getting shuffled around the store. He doesn't seem to fit in anywhere. One day a girl picks him up, and he thinks he's finally found a friend, but her mother won't buy him. Not long after the girl leaves the store, he is purchased by an old woman, and things go from bad to worse. An interesting turn of events and the story of the Christmas Pickle bring Pickle his own Christmas miracle.

Christmas Pickle Ornament
The branded ornament to hide on the tree to find Christmas morning. Made of glass, so (unlike in the book) not good for playing with.

Top two samples, final is a little different

Top two samples, final is a little different


The Pickle Plush
Super soft, cuddy, high-quality material with embroidered face and other details. Manufactured with the utmost safety standards and quality tested. With a striking resemblance to the book's hero, it will prevent any demands to play with the glass ornament.

Top three contenders, final is a combination of all

Top three contenders, final is a combination of all


The Why

A year ago, right before Christmas, I was running around (like usual) trying to get everything done to give my toddler daughters a fantastic Christmas. We'd just moved to a new place, didn't have any friends or family nearby, and I felt like they were missing out. I love Christmas - I always have, and I wanted to pass the feeling on to my daughters. But without loved ones nearby, I wasn't sure how to make Christmas special. 

Christmas should be smiles, not stress

Christmas should be smiles, not stress


My kids know (contrary to popular opinion) that Santa is a story. I didn't want to jump on the Elf On The Shelf train. I'm busy. I have a full-time job, a side gig, I'm in college, I am supermom, and then there's all the stuff I WANT to do. Plus, I think that elves watching you and reporting back to a guy who sneaks into your house at night is kinda creepy. Anyhow, there wasn't much else out there. Then I remembered reading a memoir written in the early 1900s. It was a small side plot in the book, but it mentioned a Christmas ornament in the shape of a pickle. I looked up the Christmas Pickle, found its (lack of) origin story interesting, and decided I MUST write a Christmas Pickle rhyming book. That would be our tradition.

Woolworths Christmas Ornaments

Woolworths Christmas Ornaments